[New Release]  There are many great labels out there, but one that always comes to mind is Neim. The label’s release of Tboy’s As U EP is testament to that.  Made recently famous for his collaborations with the Wildkats, Tboy is showing us that he can do it all on his own.

This 3 track solo EP is a testament to a new, ultra-deep sound that has been emerging in the past year.  Ghetto, funky, heavy, deep, sexy, dark — so much can be said about the release.  The title track, “As U,” is most certainly a jam that will set any dance floor a fire, while “Try Again” slows it down, gets darker, and unleashes that inner freak!  Surely it won’t be long till you hear a few of these jams being played!


Artists: Tboy
Label:  Neim
Catalog:  NEIM016
Release: April 25


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