[New Release] Luca C & Brigante have been making moves lately.  With lots of forthcoming releases on their way, we get this latest release, Tomorrow Can Wait, out now on Southern Fried Records.  With Robert Owens also featured on the track and a remix from Art Department, you now this record is going to be good.

The original version has a wonderful daytime vibe, futuristic feel, and David Bowie-esque vocals – this track is a great release for the summer.  While the original version has a nice mid-day feel, the alternative version goes a little deeper and is something for the night.  Art Department deliver a fantastically dark remix to this track and, by adding their signature touches and sounds, they transport the original into the deepest realms of house music. In the last track of the EP we get a faster, bouncier version of the original done by Knight & Dahe, making for a stark contrast to the rest of the album and a great way to wrap it up.  With so many different versions of each track, it shouldn’t be hard to find a version that fits you.


Artist:  Luca C & Brigante
Title:  Tomorrow Can Wait
Label:  Southern Fried Records
Catalog No.:  ECB332D


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