[New Release]  Still buzzing from their last release, Family Matters Records does it again and brings us OvernightFabier and Daniell join forces to create this dance floor monster with 2 additional remixes from Paul Cart and Vins.  A fairly new record label, Family Matters has been releasing pure quality in 2012 and this record is no exception.

Fabier & Daniell’s original mix of this track is an uplifting house tune with a solid bass line, wicked drop, and great arrangement.  I would say the original is the most stand out track on this release.  Paul Cart adds his own flavor to the track by adding vocals and giving it an overall rubbed down feel.  Vins slows it down a bit for his remix and focuses more on the hi hats which gives it a more techy edge.

Overall, this is a great release not to be overlooked; claim it as a secret weapon for your mix.  Drop this in your set and see how many people come up to you asking who it is, just you see!




Artist:  Fabier & Daniell
Title:  Overnight
Label:  Family Matters Records
Catalog No.:  FMR005


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