[New Release] Moon Harbour and label boss Mathias Tanzmann pride themselves on a certain kind of sound. While Dan Drastic’s ‘Noodle Stories’ certainly follows this blueprint, something has to be said for the amount of creativity shown across all 4 tracks. My personal favorite is the more peak hour, Martin Buttrich remix, which is a stripped down techy track full of all the quirky, weirdness we have grown to love from Martin. As usual, top quality stuff from Moon Harbour!


Artist: Dan Drastic
Label: Moon Harbour Recordings
Catalog No: MRH-059
1. Noodle Stories
2. Noodle Stories (Martin Buttrich Remix)
3. Los Pollos Hermanos
4. Fish Fingers and Custard






Dan Drastic – Noodle Stories EP (MHR059-6) by Moon Harbour



– Slice