[New Release] This compilation ‘Suol Mates 01’ on Suol Records is a true grouping of fantastic producers including Chopstick, Johnjon, Fritz Zander & Daniel Bortz. Suol maintains their deep characteristic sound throughout this release, with their hit track on the record being Chopstick & Johnjon’s ‘Obviously She’s A Whore’. All of the tracks are well done in usual Suol style, so make sure to check out the whole release. We love pointing out samples we recognize so if you are wondering where the pretty vocal clip from ‘Obviously She’s A Whore’ comes from, it’s Ashanti’s ‘Foolish’ (video posted below). Enjoy.




Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She Is A Dub (Original Mix) by suol

Daniel Bortz – Dont Be Fooled (Original Mix) by suol

Fritz Zander & Johnjon – Another Night In Rented Rooms (Original Mix) by suol

Fritz Zander & Chopstick – How The Fuck Did I Get Home (Dub Mix) by suol

Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She Is A Whore (Original Mix) by suol


 “..I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you..”