The Las-Vegas based Riff Raff imprint launches its Limited vinyl series this March with ‘Money Dish’ by David Scuba and Mikael Stavostrand, backed with a remix from Superfreq’s Mr.C. The Riff Raff imprint has picked up support along the way from the likes of Nitin, wAFF, Lee Foss and Diskjokke to name a few and here the label introduces its limited vinyl series, delivering more unique and twisted grooves.


Title track ‘Money Dish’ opens the release, a low-slung, edgy cut driven by stripped, loose drums, a penetrating subby bass-line and a spoken word vocal. The track progressively blossoms for the duration of the first half before a psychedelic synth line and chuggy guitar licks are introduced the centre stages, rounding it off as a rather unique house record with sprinklings of electronica. Next up is Richard West aka Mr.C’s ‘Vocal Remix’, introducing punchy, rolling 808 style drums and reinterpreting the original to a more sparse state. The focus is tipped towards trippy, heady grooves with drawn out breakdowns, retro synths and a profound background depth once again creating something captivating and forward thinking.


Following is ‘Mr. Lettuce Hands’, an organic number employing warm, natural bass licks, simple yet effective drum programming and raw, aggressive analogue synth lines, all cleverly modulated for its just over seven minute duration to create an ever-evolving dynamic. To close the release the duo turn in ‘Willie White Pants’, an instantly attention grabbing cut that storms in with a warbling, dub-style bass-line. This plays the lead part of the track as its cut off falters throughout and eerie ethereal pad lines smoothly flow around it.



Artist: Mikael Stavostrand, David Scuba / Mr.C
Title: Money Dish
Label: Riff Raff
Release Date: March 18
Catalog: RRLTD001



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