[New Release]  New up and coming producer Max Bucshfeld is sure making an impression with his new release, Times New Romance And Home EP, out now on Mother Recordings.  Mother Recordings have been on a streak of releasing quality EP’s and this new one is no exception. With remixes from NTFO, Rhadow, Fiakun Team, and  El_Txef_A, you know this one is going to be good.

The first track, ‘Times New Romance’, is a brilliant track with its deep grooves, smooth moves, and  an overall intoxicating feel.  For the remix, NTFO and Rhadow join forces to give this song a nice makeover by picking it up a bit, adding more bass, and giving it a nice feel that suites any dancefloor. ‘Home’ is a fantastic track, with its stellar bass line, entrancing vocals and build ups, and a touch of Nu disco feel, this track is sure to set people grooving. El_Txef_A and Fiakun Team take the track ‘Home’ and give it a nice daytime, laid back remix that is perfect for those lounging days, a fabulous remix.

Overall this record is an awesome release for Mother Recordings and it also showcases the talent that Max Bucshfeld has.  All the tracks off this EP are awesome and this record can be pulled out at any occasion.  We really look forward to what Max is going to come out with next, and as always we can’t wait for the next release on Mother Recordings.




Artists:  Max Bucshfeld
Title:  Times New Romance And Home EP
Label:  Mother Recordings
Catalog No.:  MOTHER004


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