Over the past few years, Mano Le Tough has become one of the shooting stars of the international dance music scene. His impact has been so great that Kristian Beyer of Âme claimed recently in an interview that: “Thanks to Mano Le Tough, I have no fears for the future of house.” And not just Beyer, the entire Innervisions gang including Âme and Dixon have become fervent supporters of Mano Le Tough’s warm and melodic, yet driving sound.


Mano completely blew us away with his debut album ‘Changing Days’ which released earlier this year out on Berlin based Permanent Vacation and we could not be happier to hear the remix package featuring interpretations from the masters, Tale of Us, Dixon, and New Jackson.


The EP kicks off with what was most definitely one of the defining anthems of this year’s Burning Man, Tale of Us’ take on ‘Primitive People’. An eerily enchanting anthem, this track was heard countless times luring you across the depths of the playa into the most magical of mindset and will most definitely be ringing in our ears transporting us back to that other world. Next up Dixon takes ‘Everything You’ve Done Before’ for a trip down the deeper side, dropping out more of the pop feel and enticing with a more melodic spellbinding sound. Rounding out the EP package, New Jackson takes ‘Please’ from a smooth sail to a more uplifting dance ready nu-disco dance sound.


Overall, amazing remixes on top of what were already perfect tracks. Definitely loving the new and different depths to our favorite tracks. Always amazing work from these artists and nothing but the best from Permanent Vacation.




Artist: Mano Le Tough / Tale of Us, Dixon, New Jackson
Title: Changing Days Remixes
Label: Permanent Vacation
Release Date: August 30
Catalog: PERMVAC1081


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– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy