Not long after his May release of singles ‘Sealers Cove’ and ‘Eat Static / After the Storm’, renowned producer Luke Chable is back with a remix EP of his standout classic ‘Melburn’. The Melburn (2021 Remixes)album includes a stacked lineup of exclusive remixes from the likes of Luke Chable himself, Dan Mangan, Danny Bonnici, Jamie Stevens, Kasey Taylor, and more. Melburn (2021 Remixes) is now available to stream across all streaming platforms via Bedrock Records.

The Melburn (2021 Remixes) tracklist features 7 outstanding remixes from some of the most masterful producers and engineers: Dan Mangan, Danny Bonnici, Jamie Stevens, Joe Miller, Kasey Taylor, Laura & Trevor Rose, The Oddness, and TJIG. Coming together, each producer involved brings their style and flair to the original mix of ‘Melburn’. Melburn (2021 Remixes) enhance the sensibilities of the classic release, adding a new, unique touch through each remix.