[New Release]  Culprit is always on the forefront of what’s hot.  A leader in sound, style, and design, Culprit is more than just a record label, it’s a movement.  Whether it be their amazing releases, world famous parties, or any one of the three DJ’s who make up Droog globetrotting to play shows, Culprit has, for many, personified what the dance scene is all about.  With their latest release, they call to a legend in the making, Luca Bacchetti, who delivers two incredible originals, alongside some nice reworks, making Bahamas an instant classic.

‘A Night In Nassau’ is a wonderfully upbeat track with a touch of modern disco embodied by a charismatic bass line and an enchanting melody.  ‘Such A Dreamer’ is a delightfully dusky track with a soft piano alongside a deep arpeggiated  bass line.  Luca brings us two remixes of the track ‘A Night In Nassau,’ one being a sinisterly stellar late night mix and the other being a silky smooth dub.

Overall this another amazing release from Culprit and a great display of talent from Luca Bacchetti.  Culprit proves time and time again that they are setting trends with their forward thinking music and we all await for their next release, Above The City 2.

Artist:  Luca Bachetti
Title:  Bahamas EP
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP028
Release Date:  28 September 2012