Rotterdam-based DJ/Producer, Aiden, is an intriguing artist who steps away from the crowded centre ground, and boldly surfs his own distinctive wave of originality, and subsequently brings something unique to the party. He avoids producing and playing music with certain genres or formulas in mind, preferring to paint a unique variety of sounds and textures into his work.

To celebrate the recent release of his adventurous ‘Gebruikerssporen’ debut artist album for the Cinematique label (home to widescreen electronic music), he has recorded a special mixtape featuring 70+ minutes of diverse electronic delights…

Lovecast 206 – Aiden

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  1. Aiden – Untitled (Unreleased)
  2. Aiden – GlenMckenna (Joe Miller Remix)(Manual)
  3. Hammer – Manaka (LOFT)
  4. Dionigi – Breakdown (Quantistic Division)
  5. Christophe – Vibrations (Lovecrunes)
  6. Aiden – Outthere (Unreleased)
  7. Wayward – Orissa (Silver Bear)
  8. Jay Shepheard, Kito Jempere – Deben Tide (Retrofit)
  9. Aiden – Calandlijn (Cinematique)
  10. YokoO, In2Deep – Of Sorrow (Hans Berg Mix) (L’enfant terrible)
  11. Argoman – Chimicalissimo (Permanent Vacation)
  12. MATRiXXMAN – Augmented (Gherkin Jerks Lab Chaos Dub) (Spectral Sound)
  13. Christophe – Dance Pants (Futureboogie)
  14. Randweg – Wokules Walzer (Nick Höppner S612 Remix) (Funken)
  15. Lancelot – As It Were (Trunkfunk)
  16. Jonathan Kusuma – Mordor Disko (I’m a Cliché)


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