Young Frenchman Louarn joins the House Of Bangerz family by delivering his ‘Pump This Joint’ EP. This release relies heavily on big beats and builds everything around that. It truly delivers that old school feeling, but introduces elements to keep it 2018. Borrowing influences from Chicago to San Francisco, these three, well rounded tracks are welcome additions to any record box. The title track ‘Pump This Joint’ combines minimal 909 style analog beats and a short but strong vocal sample to get us moving. Put the emphasis on ‘pump’ for this one, because this one delivers the goods. ‘Downtown’ gives us a similar analog, pumping vibe and adds a bit of quirkyness on top. With an old school vocal sample to top it off, this one is heavy folks! ‘Real’ remains in sync with the rest of the EP. It leans heavily on a strong and simple beat/bass combination and in doing that Louarn once again is paying homage to the good old days.


Juany Bravo

Senior Editor