Hommage has its latest release out now! Cleo EP is redound by Kieran Apter, founder of the Tweak party in Edinburgh, and classical pianist and vocalist, Leon Power.  After meeting 5 years ago, the two Scottish producers joined forces to create a powerful EP complete with an astounding remix package from Hommage label owner Karl Friedrich himself along with Kiel based duo, Avidus.

Cleo EP is a musical journey on its own from start to finish. Prepare for a blissful state of mind and get ready to dance! It kicks off with a serene tune that captivates the feeling of springtime. The added vocals bring in the essence of the original version of “Cleo”. Sandemann also enters in this EP in “Heads or Tails”. This peak time track is electrifying and will bring you chills and naturally making heads bob. The dynamic duo Avidus delivers a sprightly version to fuel the vitality of the track. Label owner Karl Friedrich’s remix contribution is a soulful rendition. Cleo EP will surely have a track for everyone.

Out April 27th!




Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor