Berlin talent Joplyn is next up on Crosstown Rebels making her debut release on the label titled We Will Forgive Ourselves. Having several productions already under the belt, the eagerly anticipated release drops this April followed by remixes from Damian Lazarus and MK in May.

“I wrote We Will Forgive Ourselves out of a feeling of frustration in a world where excess and hedonism often come at the cost of integrity and empathy with one another. Musically, I wanted to convey this emotion through the melancholic, dark soundscapes on the track, and the eerie choir that acts as a backbone and is repeated throughout. “One day, the snow in our hearts will melt. […] Teach us, and we will forgive ourselves.” – Still, “We Will Forgive Ourselves” ultimately is a song about hope, that calls for a future of healing and accepting, and eventually *forgiving* the faults of the past”. Joplyn

We Will Forgive Ourselves is the perfect musical metaphor for Joplyn’s inspiration. The track opens proceedings with elegant drum pads which are paired beautifully with quaint hi-hats. A gentle, healing vocal, followed by a deep heavy bassline creates a profound juxtaposition. Galactic-like sounds fizz in and out, fusing everything together to create a real sense of utopia that truly embodies Joplyn’s vision.

The talented artist has gained serious traction recently from her dramatic live and hybrid shows and an impressive touring schedule that spans across the globe. Heavyweights Damian Lazarus and MK have both shown their admiration resulting in the exciting collaborations forthcoming in May. At the end of last year Joplyn was invited to speak at the Berlin Dance Music Event and spoke at an Ableton masterclass, followed by Pete Tong listing her in his ‘Future Stars of 2022’.

Joplyn ‘We Will Forgive Ourselves’ is OUT NOW on Crosstown Rebels
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