After debuting on ‘The Sound of Lumberjacks’ back in 2018 UK based house head Jonna joins forces with another Lumberjacks in Hell mainstay, Detroit crooner – Javonntte. ‘Jus Move’ is dreamy deep house number with emotive keys, bumpin beats and bassline with Javonntte’s signature smooth vocals just in time for the summer. If all that isnt enough the package comes correct with 2 powerhouse remixes from Marcellus Pittman & Soulphiction who both add their own licks!

Ahead of this stellar release, he provides us a list of his favorite deep house tracks.

“I looked back through my record collection and selected 15 essential classic deep house cuts from my record bag over the years!

In no particular order…”

Chez N Trent – Morning Factory

The haziest, dreamy, deepest of the deep! It’s been on my radar for a long time, but it wasn’t until hearing Kyle Hall playing this in the early hours @ Corsica Studios a few years ago it all made sense.

Soulphiction – Mind & Body

The late great Soulphiction, one of the best to do it and an anthem from our City Fly parties back in the day.

Moodymann – The Day We Lost Soul

KDJ is the master of this sound. This one is classic in my bag and also pays homage to Mavin Gaye.

Jonna Feat. Erik Rico – Through The Night (Kai Alcé DISTINCTIVE Vocal Remix)

Slightly bias here but Kai Alce is one of my favourite producers and absolutely nails this one along with my man Erik Rico’s perfect vocal performance. Big up Scott Thatmanmonkz for the release on Shadeleaf music too!

Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This (Spinna & Ticklah Club Mix)

Classic, Deep US house vibe, richly musical and uplifting… Timeless!

Kez YM – Late Night Remedy

Released on my label I co-run with afew friends ‘City Fly Records’ back in 2013 by Japanese master Kez YM. This was huge in certain circles back then.

Inland Knights – Long Time

Pure Midlands Deep House at its finest, Inland Knights are one of the purveyors of the UK deep sound and were the first ever guest at our City Fly parties back in 2004.

Mr Fingers – The Sun Can’t Compare

Utter classic and goosebump material shit here from another one of the masters ‘Larry Heard’. I remember hearing Ame play this for the first time in a small club on a Thursday night in Nottingham and it’s never left me since.

Glenn Underground – Dance Slam

Hypnotic biz with killer bassline from another legend. We dropped this @ 9am as a last tune @ The Garage in Leeds some years ago. It was like a profound experience!

Digital Funk Addicts – Higher Level

Another Anthem from our City Fly basement parties back in the day… This would always go off!

Theo Parrish – When The Morning Comes

Theo doing his thing on the MPC! There’s so much to choose from the back catalogue of the Detroit great but i think this one has been my most played from him over the years.

Angora – Enchantment

Better known for their hit ‘Gabriel’ Roy Davis Jnr & Peven Everett on Ron Trent’s Prescription Records with this richly musical piece. The 2nd record from prescription on the list.

Trey Lorenz – Photograph of Mary (Masters at Work Dub)

This one reminds me of meeting my City Fly Brother J’Shez. He introduced me to this one and we used to play this record a lot when we first teamed up on student radio.

Rhythm Plate – Bless

Absolute beauty from local talent Rhythm Plate who have been a big inspiration since day one!

Mr G – My Fathers Farda (Mr. G’s Soundboyz Dub)

Dare I still call this Tech House? It’s a far cry from some for the music masquerading under that genre these days. Whatever itis its dope from Mr. G with a discography to match the best and who is also a local to my hometown of Leicester.


Turn it up & enjoy!