To mark his new release on Germany’s MYR label, we caught up with producer Scotty Cal to discuss his music, his life on the island of Bali and more.

01. Welcome to Music is 4 Lovers, Scotty. Thank you for taking the time to discuss your new EP, ‘Hypnotise’. How did you find producing this release and what was the catalyst behind it?

Firstly, thank you for having me, it’s an absolute pleasure to chat to you about my upcoming Hypnotise EP.  ‘Words’ all started when I was watching a Robin Williams movie “Dead Poets Society” and he was doing an awe-inspiring speech to his poetry class. I had the thought that this would be incredible in a song. I started off using quite a lot of the speech but in the end all I used was the line “Words and ideas can change the world”. I connected with it because I believe in a metaphysical sense that we can make things happen with our thoughts and ideas. Music is a vehicle of expression for this and through music we really can change the world.

Producing this EP was definitely not without its challenges. Getting the low end dynamics on Hypnotise, even with some world class amazing advice, was difficult to say the least. It took many, many test runs. It really reminded me that the journey is more important than the destination, so I enjoyed the process… and we got there in the end with a result I am proud of.

02. This EP is your debut release on MYR Records. How did this pairing come about?

My partner-in-crime and best friend, Kaiser Waldon, has released on this label a few times. We were linked up by the marketing manager for our events brand Escape Presents, who also has MYR as a client. It was a series of synchronicities that just worked out! Goeran Meyer, who runs the label, has been so awesome to work and release with – I’m very grateful for his time and expertise.

03. We understand you reside in Bali now. Can you tell us about your move to the island from Australia?  Do you feel this has impacted your music?

I was lucky that Kaiser was over here and had an amazing business opportunity for me. I sold everything in Australia – from my ute and my electrician’s tools to my furniture and bought a plane ticket. All I can say is to anyone stuck in a job they don’t love, I couldn’t encourage you more to at least once in your life follow your dreams and give your passion a crack. I could not be in a happier, healthier place in my life right now – but it took taking a risk and going against the grain.

I definitely think being here has impacted my music style. My studio window has a view of the stunning volcano Mt. Agung, epic rice paddies and one of the most amazing sunsets in the world… sometimes my music can get a bit deep and moody around this time!

04. You are regularly playing in a number of different venues, spanning across Bali and Australia and can also be seen at some major festivals such as Ultra. What’s it like for you to be playing in such places and have you got a favourite gig to date?

Honestly I have to pinch myself sometimes and remind myself how lucky I am to be spinning at a venue like Mrs Sippy full time. I get to drink coconuts in the sun and play deep house music for a living. It’s a dream job. There’s been a few favourites, a special one for me would be playing before Jaime jones and Eats Everything at Resistance Singapore however nothing will beat the magic that is Sundays at Single Fin. 5 hour sets on a breathtaking cliffside venue in Uluwatu.. There’s no where I’ve been where the crowd is just so up for it. It gives you a real chance to take them on a journey from start to finish.

05. What DJ’s have been your inspiration to get you where you are today?

I’m going to answer this as DJ’s and Producers. Definitely Patrice Beamual – how he presents himself online from his general branding to the way he speaks to his audience. He is a true leader of the music industry and a constant reminder to me of how innovative some of the people in our music scene can be. Production and DJ-wise, musically I really love DJOKO. I’m spending a lot of time now in the studio trying to harness that rolling house sound those guys make.

06. What’s the music scene like in Bali? It’s getting evermore popular and lots of big names can be seen there. Is it turning into a melting pot of musical creators and performers?

It’s absolutely thriving now and there is a whole variety of genres for people to enjoy from deep techno to EDM and then everything in between . As soon as Ibiza season and European summer ends the big names flock to Bali. I think this weekend alone there is Radio Slave, Sebastian Leger, Late Night Tuff Guy, D’Jules – and thats just off the top of my head. There are also a lot of studios and a family of amazing producers blossoming on the island right now.

07. Have you got any more projects in the pipeline that we can look forward to hearing?

Yes, I sure do. I have an 3 track EP coming out on Basement Sounds label for my man Alex Preston in Australia this November, plus plenty of unreleased tracks I’m sending around to labels as we speak … Exciting times ahead!

Scotty Cal ‘Hypnotise’ is out on 26th August on MYR


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