Following the release of his album earlier on in the year Oliver Dollar looks set to continue his run of fine form, we caught up with him to find out more about what’s on the horizon after a hugely successful summer.

Fantastic to have the chance to chat with you to today.

I want to start with your latest release ‘Dreams For Sale’, how did the partnership between yourself, Mike Agent X Clark and Dr Tinglefingers come about?

Mike Clark and I became close friends over the last years. It felt natural to do a collaboration together. It was a pleasure to work alongside Mike and his mate Dr. Tinglefingers who provided the outstanding vocal for this record.

How do you feel this release differs to your earlier work?

I prefer not to put my music into a certain genre. I just go with the flow and with what feels right.

You released the record on your own Industry Standard label. What would you say are the benefits of releasing on your own platform?

After the successful album release “ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR” on classic music company, it just felt right to focus on my own label as well.

The remix comes from Bendersnatch, again how did this relationship begin and why do you feel his sound works so well alongside your original piece?

While spending some time in Detroit I came across this interesting demo by Bendersnatch that is why I approached them to do a remix.

What is next for the label, can we expect to see more guest appearances or will it still be a platform for yourself to release through?

Definitely. There is a bunch of interesting projects lined up.
The main purpose of Industry Standard is to create a symbiotic collective of quality musicians.

I’d like to jump into your studio, do you have a favourite piece of hardware? One piece of kit that gets the most use and the one that has the biggest influence on your sound.

To be honest, there is too many to mention but my main sampler is the EMU SP 1200, I just love it.

We’re closing in towards the end of the year now, are there any upcoming artists that you expect to really blow up in 2020?

There’s a lot of talent out there but quality will always stand out.

How was your summer? Are there any standout gigs that will forever be in your memory?

I had a fantastic summer. Definitely one of the most outstanding gigs I have played this year was the six hour back to back with my mate Boogs at Revolver in Melbourne. That is definitely one for the books.

And finally, what has been your go to closing tune this year?

My closing tune for this year is Dave DK – Jelly Legs, out on Dj Koze‘s imprint Pampa.

Oliver Dollar’s latest release ‘Dreams For Sale’ is out now.