We speak with the talented bookwood to discuss everything from his latest EP, Cosmic Society and more…


Summer is here, is that good news for you? Do you like the hot weather?

 Oh yes, that’s very good news. As soon as the sun is out and the weather is good I want to go outside, meet friends, have a beer – just not sit at home! 


 Does it affect the music you make and play, do you play happier, warmer music in hot weather?

 Well yes I’d say that when the sun is shining I tend to make happier music because I’m in a happy mood. 


Tell us briefly how you first got into dance music and then got to a stage where you are making it and DJing round the world…

 After I’ve learned to play several classical instruments as a child, I got familiar with basic DAWs in my early teenage years. I always loved to compose my own music and those programs  gave me the ability to write down what I had in my head. After some years of making electronic music I decided to finally send out some demos and luckily I got the chance to release my debut EP on URSL records – a label that I have always been fan of. That was the time when I started playing live. My first live gig outside my hometown was at the age of 19 at KaterBlau in Berlin.


 Tell us about how you came to work with Cosmic Society – how did you link up? Did you send them demos?

 One day leon, a member from the label, wrote me a message on soundcloud and since then we have been connected. We met a couple times and we got along very well. I really liked the appearance of the label and sent them some unreleased material. 


And what inspired the new EP, what influenced it, where was it written and so on?

 The EP consists of tracks which I produced over the last year – mostly on headphones in my bed. Fun Fact: The synthesizer sounds come only from the Bigwig-intern “Polysynth” plugin – that’s where the name „Polysin“ comes from. 


And are you a cosmic person, a star gazer, a sci-fi dreamer?

 Well since i joined cosmic society there isn’t much room for me to answer this question any different than with a yes (haha)


Where do you start when making music, do you have a bassline in your head or a certain melody or anything or is it trial and error?

 99% I start off improvising on the piano, trying to find a new melody.. Afterwards I’m building complimentary sounds around that melody. At the end I’m building the rhythmical parts around my melodies. 


You DJ and play live – what are the similarities and differences between each? Are the two sides of you connected style wise?

 As a DJ I play a lot of music that inspires my own productions and furthermore my live set. When I’m DJing i’m able to adapt to the tempo and the atmosphere of the crowd as opposed to playing live where I’m limited to my own productions.


Do you use your ability to play live in the studio? So do you record tracks like live jams?

 Yes, the first two tracks on my debut EP on URSL Records were recorded live. Recording the tracks live gives me the ability to make the tracks sound more organic and dynamic.


What’s next? What else are you working on?

 Currently I’m working on a new live set for the summer. Also there is a remix coming up in june on the next URSL release that i made together with Amount (Nayan Soukie)


Polysin is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/polysin/2263061