Hot on the heels of their first ever vinyl release, Lisztomania Records is very happy to present LISZTWAX002, ‘Dobro’ LP by Iner.

Kicking off this 6-track plate is ‘Vesna’, a laid-back blend of deep house rhythms, trip-hop like riffs and sultry vocal samples: an afterhours classic in the making.

Following straight on from ‘Vesna’ and adding to the chilled atmosphere is ‘Gudi Gudi’, a unique and clever fusion of pianos, synths, subtly layered and twisted vocal samples, and lashings of sub bass.

Finishing off the A side is disco-house jam ‘Uslada’, which incorporates styles from around the world and roots then in place with a throbbing house beat and bassline: the perfect end to the A side, leaving you curious and ready for more on the B.

Heading things up on the flip is ‘Vezhlivii Losos”. With a big build into an enigmatic and almost classic sounding house trip, ‘Vezhlivii Losos” is sure to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

Providing more of the same but with a contemporary sound, ‘Svisloch’ is a pounding, rhythmic deep house ride featuring a mesmerizing synth hook and a bassline to match.

Completing the disc is ‘Fallstreak Hole’, a hands-in-the-air house groove with an unforgettable synth loop, luscious vocal samples and a beat that won’t stop: the perfect end to an anthemic LP!





Turn it up & enjoy!