With their new ‘Heuristic Programs For Cognitive Centering’ release forthcoming on Our Starry Universe, we wanted to dive further in with the veteran NYC duo, A Separate Reality and get a sneak peak into their studio set-up to talk about the top 5 pieces of gear essential to their productions!



1. Focal Twin6Be Monitors
At heart we are audiophile studio nerds, so the most important bit of kit in the studio would be our monitors. Our main speakers were Focal twin6be pictured here. They are completely transparent, giving us a pure sound revealing every sonic in what was an overly layered productions (Some songs had upwards of 60+ tracks) We also used Yamaha NS10s and Auratones.

2. SPL Mixdream
Because of the number of tracks, we eschewed doing a full board mix for each track which also made it easier for us jump around from song to song. Instead we got this wonderful unit -the SPL Mixdream and fed bus stems into it for analog summing – adding great width to the final mixes.
3. Neotek Channel Strips

All audio not generated with samples or virtual synths – so, all the guitars, percussion and synths – went through a very warm Tube Tech Tube Mic Pre, a UA LA-2A for light compression and these beautiful NeoTek channel strips. A very clean but musical EQ which we love for it’s rawness.

4. KORG Poly6

We used every single synth imaginable on this record, I would have to say the main workhorse of the record was my trusty Korg Poly6. Warm basses, apps and appegios galore. I traded my congas for this unit back in the 90s so we had to borrow studio mate Darshan Jesrani’s Congas and Bongos for the record.

5. Moog Theramini
This is the secret weapon on the track Memories Of Now. It’s responsible for the trumpet like de-tuned synth that solos throughout the second half of the track. Many hours of waving our hands in the air.
Heuristic Programs For Cognitive Centering EP drops Friday May 22nd on Our Starry Universe!



Turn it up & enjoy!