Producer, DJ, and Visual Artist – HRVST is back with a massive return to Late Night Muchies. After an awesome list of releases in 2022, we have 2 brand new tracks that embrace a more raw and gritty vibe from the artist. It’s also a breathe of fresh air to hear all original vocals to compliment ‘Git Up’, complimented with jacking bass and the right amount of grooving rhythm sections.

To follow up, ‘Synchronic’ brings us a back to what HRVST describes as his “roots” in dubstep, with the obvious influence of House beats. Having always seemed to challenge the perception of genre definitions, it’s no surprise we get a release with multiple infused styles of sound. HRVST wanted the sound selection to bring a definite crossover between Dub, dub plate culture, and Tech House.

The “Git Up EP” is out now!