[Release]  Him_Self_Her have seem to taken the dance world by storm, their popular hit ‘Gone Too Long’ is still sitting high up on the Beatport charts for over 10 weeks.  Up next from dynamic duo we get Hold Me Down on Chris James and  Bubba’s label Runnin Wild.  Already getting tons of support, this three track EP, featuring a great remix from Sean Roman, is one that is going to send shock waves throughout the community.

‘Hold On’ is a heavy, bass driven behemoth with sharp percussion and a wicked groove.  ‘Pulls Me Down’ is another bass heavy monster with a riding melody, accompanied by loads of delay and reverb, this is one track that will certainly get your body moving.  Sean Roman provides a exquisitely silky remix of ‘Pulls Me Down’ which sends your inner dancer into a frenzy.

This another amazing release from Him_Self_Her and Runnin Wild and I don’t see either of the two stopping any time soon.


Artist:  Him_Self_her
Title:  Hold Me Down EP
Label:  Runnin Wild
Catalog No.:  RW004

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