Greg Sawyer

Following his 2015 release Whenever I Try To Leave, Greg Sawyer is back, gracing our ears with some beautiful new tunes for the new year. Amidst balancing his day-job at Defected, Tenth Circle label and DJ’ing at Glitterbox, Greg Sawyer takes a moment to deliver his latest production, Home. This EP is brought to us by UK-based label, Falk.  Launched in 2008, Falk releases music in the house and techno sphere, aiming to “move your body, stimulate your mind and absorb you completely.”

Let Greg Sawyer take you on a smooth ride through deep, melodic house. Composed of three mid-tempo tracks, all wonderfully unique, and perfectly crafted for those blissed-out sunrise moments.  The title track “Home” will immerse you with its deep basslines, uplifting, groovy melodies and entrancing vocal cuts.  “Caedmon” has a dreamy feel, led by harmonious strings, while subtle vocals linger in the backdrop.  “Misunderstood” is more on the mellow end of the spectrum, infused with enchanting drums, wide soundscapes, hypnotic vocals and delicate piano chords to evoke those tranquil vibes.

So dive on in, and just let the music carry you away…


Artist: Greg Sawyer
Release Date: 2016-02-29
Label: Falk
Catalog No.: FALK013

Greg Sawyer – Home