Fur Coat is one of the most hard-working and passionate duos in the business. On an endless quest for an original groove, irresistible hook and utmost production quality, their wildly successful releases for the likes of Hot Creations, Bpitch Control and of course Crosstown Rebels has ensured the duo has a weighty touring schedule and loyal following. Unearthed and championed by original Rebel Damian Lazarus, the duo released their impressive debut album ‘Mind Over Matter’ in 2012 on Crosstown Rebels.  They are back with a four track banger of an EP, and ever track is solid gold.  A real triumph from these two, expect to hear any one of these tracks to be played by your favorite DJS.


Artist:  Fur Coat
Title: U Turn EP
Label:  Crosstown Rebels
Catalog No.:  CRM131