Next up on the Fresh Faces series is Jay Hill!

Jay Hill is a Philadelphia/NYC based underground house & techno producer, DJ and remixer. Her releases have appeared on world renown imprints such as Superfreq Records, Unknown Season (Tokyo), King Street Sounds, Lucidflow, iRecords and many others.

Jay Hill is, undoubtedly, a future star of the ever inventive and evolving underground House and Techno scene. Having packed up her world and headed east in 2011, this exceptionally talented DJ/Producer patiently studied and perfected her chosen art in the Big Apple and is now based in her own studio in Philadelphia..






Alex Dimou – As Surely As the Sun (orig. mix) – Klik Records
DJ Boring – Seems Like Yesterday (orig. mix) – Technicolour
Kuzey – Tides (orig. mix) – Platform 7even
DJOKO – Dialer (orig. mix) – Talman Records
Demarzo – Paragon (Chris Stussy Remix) – PIV
Jay Hill – Beckoning (Frink Remix) – Induction Muzic
Yulia Niko – Acid Meow (orig. mix) – Get Physical Music
Deeplomatik – Little Helper 368 (orig. mix) – Little Helpers
‘Okain – There Was A Time (orig. mix) – Traxx Underground
Jay Hill ft. Aquarius Heaven – Still Baking (orig. mix) – People of the Light Lev
Kitkin – Die Nacht in Darmstadt (JHNS remix) – Lucidflow
Darbinyan – Better With Wine (orig. mix) – MixCult Records


– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor