Hood Politics proudly welcomes the legends Arnold & Lane to the label. Somewhat new to the scene, they’ve been on the run with absolutely massive releases on some of our favorite labels incl. My Techno Weighs A Ton, OKNF Records and then some.

Hornblower is exactly what you think it is: an attention grabbing call to the freaks that demands you to move. Chunky 808s and the nastiest synth we’ve ever heard layered over golden vocals and proper drum work. This track his everything we ever wanted.

Native is a perfect B side, a bit on the darker side with a deeper bass line, the kind of track you think about for several days after it rocks your socks off. Tribal vocals give it that 5 star feeling that secures it as a must play in our sets.

Jesse Leer comes correct with his Hornblower remix giving us an energetic weapon, a job well done indeed considering it’s a difficult track to top. He gives us all the elements we love from the track while swapping the 808 for that techy bass we love with his signature funky jump drive sound.

Revlow drops an absolute nuke with his debut on the label, one upping the B side to make an absolutely floor stomping remix that will tear a crowd to shreds. Grimey synth blasts, emphasized vocals and A1 percussion makes this nothing short of a miracle. Consider this a warning for his EP dropping in 2019.

Artist: Arnold & Lane
Title: Hornblower
Label: Hood Politics Records
Release Date: 2018-11-09





– jams
Jimbo James