[Release] Ever since her track ‘Sofiel‘ first blessed my ears, I have been entranced and intrigued by Francesca Lombardo, the London based DJ and accomplished pianist.  Production wise for this genuinely musical talent it’s all about feeling, and it has been since growing up around her father’s vast collection of instruments as a child. “My style is colourful,” she says. “I like to write a track depending on how I feel. My tracks usually follow a concept.”

Said music is inspired by a lifetime of listening to Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, Plastikman and more recent sounds like those offered by Ghostly International and Traum. But also by playing piano at Conservatorium of Music for Classical piano and singing opera from a young age. “Despite this, I was always attracted to electronic music and machines” she remembers. “I could never really cope with classical.” Her music is evident of her influential background and encompasses the unique and exquisite combination. Electronic tracks laced with classical instrumental influences and enrapturing emotive vocals … it is simply beautiful.

With all these skills and musical experiences available to draw on, the future looks bright for Francesca Lombardo – this EP on leading notorious underground label Rebellion, the Crosstown Rebels sub-label,  is only testament to that, as is the fact she has been signed to the much lauded Rebel Agency alongside the likes of scene darlings Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex and Art Department. If you didn’t know her before, you sure as hell better learn the name and fall in LOVE with her music now! Most definitely looking forward to what productions she graces us with in the future.



Artist: Francesca Lombardo
Title: Eyes of Nature
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release Date: November 5
Catalog: RBL012





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