[Forthcoming Release] I’m invariably addicted to this forthcoming Hot Creation (out June 11, 2012). wAFF redirects the label’s sound in the best way with this house grooving, progressive work.


Title track “Jo Johnson” feels like a classic house track that’s gone “raw around the edges,” with a sharp kick, catchy vocal, and simple, but forward-moving, bassline as the main highlights.  The energy wAFF infuses into the groove makes this track exemplary for the dance floor at any party.


“Jeyda” is radically different from “Jo Johnson” without taking away from the overall cohesiveness of the EP.  Beautiful echoing synths layer harmonic melodies over a subtle bassline, while wAFF’s signature sharp kick keeps up the energy. This track is incredibly emotional and it is easy to get lost in its story.


“Rainbows” pulls you back from the “Jeyda” dream world, snapping back into the high energy gear originally set by “Jo Johnson.” The overall feel of this track is different though — it is driven by sharp claps and relentless spacey synths rather than the more percussive-focused title track.

An absolutely excellent EP from wAFF that is certainly a jewel for Hot Creations.  Keep looking out for this young talent.