There are always fresh, cutting edge sounds emerging from the United Kingdom, and the forthcoming EP from producer Arkist on London’s Apple Pips label is superbly seasonal and distinctively deep.

Introducing the two tracks with the help of Lee Risdale, “Summer Shimmer” is a vivacious tune that seems to literally bounce off the walls. It has an acidic synth-heavy, funk’d up disco quality to it that is sharp yet still retains a soft melodic side through key work and occasional vocal spiralings.  “Whipper Snapper” enters with a jazzy, off kilter strut for about 2:40 before the drums sway and the melody materializes, embracing a smooth swing sound that is also dreamy and light.

Bending and melding genres for our listening pleasure, Arkist & Apple Pips unleash these classy gems this November.  Definitely keep these Brits on your radar and preview the tracks now!