Fort Romeau

Proceeding his 2015 sophomore album, ‘Insides’, London’s Mark Greene (aka Fort Romeau), kicks off the new year by unleashing his latest EP, ‘Secrets & Lies’. This three-track release is brought to us by Frankfurt-based label, Live at Robert Johnson and truly is a gem.  The EP embodies Fort Romeau’s unique fusion of post-disco, neo-dance and pronto-house style, that only continues to expand and capture its listeners.

Get lost in the music with this one. The title track, ‘Secrets & Lies’, provides nearly 10 minutes of musical bliss, allowing the song to progressively unfold, moving subtly through various layers of moods and textures.  Built around dialogue samples from ‘Dirty Dancing’, the track is filled with infectious, synthed-out melancholic vibes, layered over mesmerizing deep house sounds, transporting you into a dreamy escape.


Artist: Fort Romeau
Release Date: 2016-01-15
Label: Live at Robert Johnson
Catalog No.:  PLAYRJC039