[Release] Next up on MEXA Records is the founding member of the MTL/L.A./LDN based Amadeus Records, Forrest. Forrest has been evolving into an artist of his own with not only an untamed mindset, but an exponentially growing catalog of quality releases. Working closely with Montreal producer/sound engineer Jonathan Doyon, Forrest has collaborated with other renowned acts such as Avatism, Eric Volta, and Tom Budden to name a few.

This EP contains three originals by Forrest, which will later be remixed and released. The EP starts off with ‘Bad Girls Go To Heaven’. This track is captivating with smooth sexy male vocals enticing you, asking you, “Would you like to see… how real this could be?” thrusting with a hard hitting bass line and distorted dirty synths, the track builds up and down as if it’s making love to you.

The second track on the EP, ‘Casablanca’, is found with that same familiar vibe but a bit more dreamy and ethereal. Sexy, dreamy vocals entice and entrance, leading you through the foot stomping dance ready percussion laced beat.

‘The Game’ rounds off the EP nicely with a dance ready hard-hitting beat. Elongated drawn out spacey synth breaks in between the booty bouncing, shoulder shaking hard bass line make this track a go-to to get the crowd down and dirty.

My favorite thing about all three tracks on this EP would have to be the sexy, dreamy male vocals of Forrest himself and the lyrics. It’s so rare to come across tracks with any lyrical styling these days as so many are straight laced with short blips of sex and drug innuendos. This EP instrumentally has my favorite dirty feel with rough synths and heavy beats but lyrically and vocally my favorite ethereal element. A sinfully sublime and blissful blend of elements makes the EP a standout work.



Artist: Forrest
Title: Bad Girls Go To Heaven
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: December 10
Catalog: MEXA007