València based label and artist agency Sincopat brings us a lyrical dose of musical goodness with Words on The Lips EP, debuting fresh Brussel born talent Fabian Dresens and the vocal stylings of Quartz Clocks.  Both original tracks are refreshing and noticeably distinct from one another, embracing differing vibes for a well rounded package.


“Words on The Lips” is a dirty tech-tinged track with a youthful spirit.  Quartz Clocks’s hushed yet powerful voice lingers over an intense, grinding bassline, and Zombie Disco Squad takes you riding on highs in their vibrant interpretation.


Dresen and Clock dip through deep house territory with their second original “Know You,” releasing a pleasantly relaxed tone as it hits your ears and effortlessly uplifts your mood.  I really enjoy the original, yet Fiberroot’s techy remix is quite hypnotic and I appreciate his robotic vocal modifications.


Get to know these tracks and find your vibe.


“Look at those kids gettin’ high…”



Artist: Fabian Dresens, Quartz Clocks, Zombie Disco Squad, John Barera, Fiberroot
Title: Words on the Lips
Label: Sincopat
Release Date: September 16th, 2013
Catalog #: SYNC18