Aprapta Music roll out another fresh EP, this time from Ezikiel. He serves up a fresh pair of originals while Basti Grub and Aprapta serve up some remixes to seal the deal. 


Infinity Race kicks things off with a slick eight minute minimal groove that really gets under your skin with its freaky sound design. The Basti Grub remix layers in some freaky vocals and deft synth flourishes that make it full of detail and then Groee is the next original. This is another intricate minimal house track with wonky synths, flapping drums, spoken word vocals all stitched into the groove. Aprapta then remixes it twice: the first version is off balance, with spinning hi hats and sombre piano chords bringing the moodiness and the second is more upbeat and driving, with propulsive drums looping to perfection. 


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