Swiss DJ/Producer David Durango put out his debut release in 2008 on Poker Flat Recordings – making his first appearance as a producer in a big way. His heavy, dark, yet spacious, releases make him a perfect fit for H-Foundation’s Surface label. [Listen to his last collaboration with H-Foundation, Paint it Black, on Supplement Facts]

Title track “Purple Wave” is a smooth journey, with warm pads and a lovely hollow synth providing the central theme. The breakdown makes up the emotional core of the track, providing a moment of valuable introspection before dropping you back off into a danceable concentration. The other original track on the EP, “Dreaming of a Difference,” is a driving, progressive venture. I’m really excited to see this sound re-emerging a bit and with great labels like Surface, Innervisions and Supplemental Facts at the forefront of it.

H-Foundation provides the stomping remix to “Purple Wave,” keeping the hollow synth, although modifying it slightly for a warmer, more reflective sound and adding their own, more energetic percussion for a dope tech take on the original.


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Artist: David Durango
Release: Purple Wave
Label: Surface
Catalog No.: SF006


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