[Release]  Brazil has been producing some pretty amazing house music over the years, and one of its newer faces, Dake, is surely making a huge impression with his latest release, Internal Disaster, on Playperview.  As a (semi) newerlabel, with just over a handful of releases, it’s no wonder why Playperview brought back this talent. With two new originals, a dub version, and an excellent remix from Atapy, this record is sure to get lots of attention.

The title track is wonderfully deep and groovy, with grasping vocals, nice layers, and a smooth bass line. Atapy adds his own touch to the track with his juicy remix. A chugging bass line accompanied by additional percussion and sultry vibes make this track an instant hit for the club. ‘Walk Away’ is a sublimely sweet and emotive track with gorgeous vocals that brings me back to the pop-synth days. A timeless track, expect to hear this one out a great deal. For those of you who are not into vocals, Dake added a dub version, which nicely wraps up this record.

From beginning to end this record has it covered. A superb release from Playperview, I can’t wait to see what else this label, and Dake, have in store for us in 2013.


Artist:  Dake
Title:  Internal Disaster
Label:  Playperview
Catalog No.:  PPV007

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