What better way for HOH to kick off the new year than with Bruno Furlan and his steamy house vibes and quirky sounds. Since their first release with Furlan back in the summer of 2015 we’ve been following the rise of his career, dropping tunes on labels such as Dirtybird and Relief, staying true to his sound, keeping it simple and focused around the main hook of each track. The ‘My Heart EP’ is no different, including two dirty tech house tunes with one unquestionable destination, the dancefloor. The lead track ‘I Listen With My Heart’, takes you right to the spot with its chuggy straight beat, combined with heavy layered basslines and a wacky lead melody, only to be sprinkled with some slick vocal arrangements. The second track, ‘I’m Fired’, talks about how you lost your job due to dancing all night, guess we’ve all been there, for better or worse it’s important that the soundtracks of such night are pure bangers, something we can guarantee with this EP from Bruno Furlan.


Bruno Furlan – My Heart EP

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Juany Bravo

Senior Editor