Soul Clap Records continue their never ending quest to deliver distinct and uplifting music for our listening pleasure, and their latest release is no different. Hailing from the cold streets of Boston, but with a sound that would have you swearing he was plucked from a South American jungle, Bosq may be one of the most unique artist we’ve featured here at MI4L.

Self-described as ‘Afro Latin Disco House’, Bosq blurs the lines between genres to create a funky fusion like no other. ‘Tempara ’ is his follow up to two full length albums, and his Soul Clap debut. Overflowing with horns, saxophone, bass guitar, piano, and a dizzying amount of percussion, you will be hard pressed to find an instrument Bosq doesn’t take for a ride. Dripping with Latin flavor and oozing with sex appeal, use extreme caution when listening in public places, as you will have no other choice but to dance!


RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-17
LABEL: Soul Clap Records

Prendi  Mano