Bengoa is Stathis Karipidis – a Greek musician, producer, songwriter and DJ based in Athens, Greece. His wide ranging taste and multifaceted production skills have resulted in a slew of well received tracks, EPs and remixes since his debut in 2006.

Featuring here on Steve Bug’s Sublease label, Bengoa treats us to two tracks of sublime deep tech house.

“These are ten tracks that have heavily influenced my artistic career – each track has an element that has kept me coming back to it over and over again, either for the mood or the structure, these are reference points of how I make music. If you take a good listen, you can surely find them in my music somehow.” Bengoa


Deep Dive Corp – Relaxer

This track has been on repeat throughout my student years, I have studied it’s construction, I mean, the guys made a 7 min tune with so few elements, yet it’s such a moody and inspiring song.

Audio Soul Project – Back to Joy (original)

In general, Mazi Namvar (audio soul project) has inspired me like a few in house music. His tracks have “that drive” that a track has to have in order to get into my record bag – and this track is the greatest example

Alex Cortiz – Afterworld

Alex Cortiz has a unique way of “directing” tracks, using loops as “actors” telling them exactly what to do and when to do it. I think this is how i would also describe the way i make music.

Future Sound of London – Cerebral

I cried the first time I heard it when i was 13, since then this track is in my heart – a guitar riff and atmospheres – all it takes.

Kevin Yost – The Things We Do –

Sad Jazz and House music – till this record came out house music was a happy thing for me – then it all changed – the melancholy that I loved into my other ambient / trip hop / electronica records was now brought into house music – this record changed my life and my dj sets in general, I got deeper and it was the key to start playing warm up sets as a kid

Steve bug – A Night Like This (Richie Hawtin Remix)

A masterclass of building up a track production wise. a timeless classic.

Allou – Orea Mera

The title means “good day” in Greek, maybe the first kinda deep-tech tune that came from my country – this loop got me hooked from the first bars – Savvas Ysatis on prodution, flawless stuff really

Gabor Deutsch – Love Garden

One of the best chill out tunes of all time for me, gives me chills everytime I listen to it, it has driven me and inspired me for so many years – big big love this one.

Plastikman – Lasttrak

I listened to this record in 1995 when I was 14. Sounded like nothing I’ve heard till that time, fell in love with the mood and the storytelling structure – maybe the first 8min track that I liked so much.

Amorphous Androgynous – High Tide on the Sea of Flesh –

fsol’s psychedelic alter ego “AA” dropped this album in 2002 and critics said “it came to earth with a beam of light from another galaxy” – I couldn’t describe it better, I get so lost in feelings and awe when I listen to this track – music from the heavens, for the heavens.