A new 10 track album by Ben Johnsen called ‘ The Eye ‘ will tingle your skin and make you feel slightly euphoric. This is Johnsen’s first album released on Maison Du Sons aka MDS Records out of Stuttgart Germany. This new record label is influenced by well known artists like Oliver Schories and Robert Babicz.

It starts out as if you are on a beach at sunrise and walking to your favorite day party. Then, it flows into several tracks that will warm your heart and ring classical instruments into your ears. This album is attractive in a delicate way. A very fine structure to the tracks with soft subtle sounds will take you away from that beach walk onto your dreamboat. It’s a luxurious laid back cruise with a fine tune on the horizon.


Artist:  Ben Johnsen
Release Date: 2015-12-26
Catalog No.:  MAISON010

– Becky Beloved