Ben Balance shows off his skills on a killer new EP for Frame Music, with a fresh mix from Kepler.
The owner of Yaji, Sukhumvit Records and NCSS opens up this EP with Sneakbass, a nice clipped house cut with kicking drums. It’s heady tackle with a punchy groove for those who know. Basshroom then ups the ante with nice big, rounded, bouncy kicks and some trippy synth motifs. Basshroom (Kepler Remix) is more spaced out and breezy, with plenty of stylish pads and timeless house goodness in the beats. Add in a fat bassline and you have a real winner. Drums Are Homies closes out as the best tune of the lot – the hits flutter and flap over a nice rugged bass and drum combo. Perfect. 
Ben Balance impresses with these fine offerings. 

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