After discovering the fast food themed hip-hop track on Bandcamp, Barclay Crenshaw and Eprom each crafted remixes befitting their DJ sets. Wrapping the Yung Skrrt original in wobbling basslines and gritty synths, Barclay Crenshaw brings ‘McDonalds’ to the dark side with his remix. Twisting with layers of distortion, Barclay Crenshaw’s remix is a heavy companion to the acidic remix delivered by Eprom. Vibrating with offbeat percussion and wonky, experimental tones, Eprom transforms ‘McDonalds’ into a glitchy underground deep cut. Together, Barclay Crenshaw and Eprom’s spirited new interpretations celebrate the outlandish, oddball lyricism that is ‘McDonalds’.

Regarding his remix, Barclay Crenshaw said, “I started playing this insane track by Yung Skrrt and then I heard that my friend Eprom did a remix (great minds think alike.) I found Skrrt and we decided to re-release the original plus the two new remixes on Dirtybird’s white label series.”

Barclay Crenshaw is the alter ego of Dirtybird label boss Claude VonStroke. What started as a side project quickly took on a life of its own championing funk and bass. Barclay Crenshaw tracks have featured hip-hop vocalists such as The Underachievers, The Cool Kids, and Cam & China, as well as collaborations with Mr. Carmack, Salva, and Eprom.

Grammy-nominated producer Eprom is widely considered one of the most innovative minds in electronic music, continuously earning the respect and admiration of his fans and peers through his cutting-edge sound design, unique style, and unforgettable stage presence. Varying from toxic hip-hop to searing garage mutations to bizarre concoctions somewhere in between Eprom is cemented as one of the champions of underground.

Barclay Crenshaw and EPROM invite fans to stream their eclectic versions of Yung Skrrt’s ‘McDonalds’.