Fresh off their killer release with Cari Golden, the Swedish tag team Bambook are fanning their creative flame with another deep cut, this time featuring the beautiful vocal talents of Jennie A. The three have collaborated together in the past, and the spark between them is ever present in their latest release off of Culprit.

Jennie A’s celestial lyrics shine in ‘The Storm ’, creating an overcast and ghostly ambiance that blankets the driving groove and carefully placed radar pings.  The Kalimba version gives the song a slightly more progressive approach, lifting the BPM and giving the track more of an upbeat facelift.  The Drifter has his hand at a remix, adding some alien warfare and modulating synthesizers to energize and warp the track. The EP closes out with ‘Dance with me ’ where once again Jennie A enlightens our eardrums with her vocal prowess, echoing through a bass heavy disco extravaganza.


Artist:  The DrifterBambookJennie A
Title:  2015-08-24
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP056

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