Get ready to stimulate the senses as Babak evokes those warm feelings of nostalgia. The St. Petersburg-based DJ, Grigory Babak, drops a groovy new EP, Invisible Senses, that’ll undoubtedly transport you back to an entirely different era.

Known as the “dark horse” of the Russian house music scene, he has quickly emerged and made a name for himself.  After spending only a year working under Chicago chords and pitched vocals, Babak’s tracks are rapidly spreading across the country, and have now become a staple for mixes by a variety of artists, such as Cream Soda, Volta Cab, Krjuk and Cape Cod.  A master of remixes with a passion for the deeper side of House and Techno, he is most notably known for his releases on Etoka (UK), Budenzauber (DE), Tenor (DE) and Night Drive Music (DE).

The leading track, “Mon Repos”, is reminiscent of that lively 70’s disco-funk, led by a steady warm-up, soulful vocal scores and a tantalizing drum breakdown that’ll certainly trigger wonderful feelings of joy (and quite possibly an impromptu dance party).  “Oh, I Want You Close By My Side” will have you happily getting your boogie on, with its groove-laden, energetic vibes.  “Petrogradskaya Side” slows it down and closes out the EP; boasting dreamy chords, beautiful piano melodies and mesmerizing, spacious breaks that’ll send you into a state of auditory bliss.

With three incredible tracks sure to delight your senses, they will no longer be invisible after just one listen — all that’s missing is a gigantic disco ball.


Artist: Babak
Release Date: 2016-03-05
Label: Neovinyl Recordings
Catalog No.: NVR064

Babak – Invisible Senses