[New Release]  There are many record labels out there developing their sound and pushing the envelope.  Turquoise Blue is on the forefront of this movement and it has only been a year since their first release. They’ve already had artist such as Alex Arnout, Adultnapper, Laura Jones, Cera Alba, Inxec, Droog, and many others, contribute to their catalog, so it’s no wonder why they are on the tips of many peoples tongues. For their eighth release they recall Alex Arnout who delivers his latest work of genius, Science Friction.

The title track, ‘Science Friction,’ is a delightfully eerie and sensual track with all the right moves and grooves.  On the next track, ‘ Break The Flake,’ Alex joins forces with Daren Nunes to create this hauntingly stellar track that showcases his evolved sound of mixing together deep house and garage; it is a bass heavy track with dark and edgy vocals.  The final track, ‘This Way,’ is another great song with a classic 909 kick, bouncy bass line, strong synths, and playful feel.

Overall this is another great release for both Alex and Turquoise Blue.  Both this artist and this label are claiming their stake and this recent release is a testament to that. Turquoise Blue is definitely a label to always look out for and you know if Alex Arnout is on the track, it’s really going to be killer.



Artist: Alex Arnout
Title:  Science Friction EP
Label:  Turquoise Blue Recordings
Catalog No.:  TQR008


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