Cool, calm and collected, California natives Yooj and Steve Huerta bring us the wonderfully lighthearted Take Your Time EP, with remix help from esteemed house duo Homework on London’s Retrofit imprint.

The first two tracks smoothly sail with upbeat disco vibes, feminine details and light horn action that flow like a crisp Autumn breeze to groove your soul.  And oh, do we love Homework’s elevated perspective of “Take Your Time”-the Amsterdam duo keep it light yet add vibrancy and anticipatory breaks for an authentic feel-good tune before “I Said” concludes with a fresh old school style and a vigorous drive-a clean finish to this bright package.

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Artist: Yooj, Steve Huerta, Homework
Title: Take Your Time
Label: Retrofit
Release Date: September 30th, 2013
Catalogue #: RETROFIT14