[Release]  Just in time for the  WMC’s, Nurvous Records gives us a stunning various artists compilation to get us all titillated.  Nurvous has been releasing some serious tunes on a consistent basis and this release solidifies the continuity that this label has.  With artists such as Ashley Wild, Clinton Houlker, No Artificial Colours, LOVERDOSE, Jorge Takei, and many others, you know this release is going to own. Hand picked by the dynamic duo known as Walker & Royce, you know there are going to be some choice tracks on this compilation to get your grooving.  With so many great tracks off this release, let’s focus on a few stand out tracks.

‘Something Missing’ by Ashley Wild and Tom Roberts is something special.  Haunting vocals, eerie tones, and a massive captivating bass line, this tracks is a behemoth.  The first time I heard this track, Ashley played it at Burning Man, and I was blown away, and still am to this date by the heavy magnitude of this track.  No Artificial Colours remix of ‘Alone In Silence’ by LOVERDOSE and CJ Hartmann is a pure heat on the dance floor. The perfect ingredients of a wicked groove accompanied by a killer bass line make this track an instant hit.  New comers Roleplay deliver with their first track and oh is it a doosy.  Light, nice vocals and bouncy bass line, attached with loads of reverb, instantly grab your attention and send you screaming towards the dance floor.  Clinton Houlker’s techy, jump up ‘Juicy Kisses’ leaves you entranced on the dance floor with its sensual vocals, stabbing synths, and crisp percussion.  Jay West‘s remix is another amazing track, while Eli Escobar‘s ‘Drifting’ is the perfect throwback track and finish to this amazing record.

Nurvous have been the leader in deep house, indie dance, and nu disco, and this release solidifies their place at the top.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Base Tan: Miami Sampler
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NUR22848

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