[Release]  Runnin Wild‘s first compilation is here to kick off 2013.  Chris James and BUBBA are not new to the game and their label has been gaining a lot of attention lately.  For their 6th release they give us a wonderful seven track album featuring artists like Hendriks, Death on The Balcony, and Flow & Zeo.  Known for their hard hitting gangtsa sound, Runnin Wild proves with this release that they are not just following the trend, but leaders in the movement.

Stand out tracks include ‘6 Degrees’ by Nytron & Toniattie, ‘Blind’ by Indiana & Adam Curtain, ‘Dance With The Devil’ by Hendriks, and ‘Everything Goes Black’ by Velkro and Flow & Zeo.  If there is one thing that BUBBA and Chris know how to do, it’s pick out bangers that will rock the dance floor, and with this release you get more than a handful of just that.  A great label pushing strong into 2013, keep your eyes and ears open for these guys.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Runnin’ Wild: Wild Life Vol. 1
Label:  Runnin Wild
Catalog No.:  RWoo6

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