Stranjjur is one label that has made a serious impression since its inception 18 months ago.   While still remaining true to the underground, the New York  based label has been on the tips of many peoples tongues and has gained a lot of notoriety.  Taking pride in releasing all original music, it’s no wonder why so many artists respect this label.  Already releasing tracks from Lula Circus, H.O.S.H., MANIK, Pezzner, Miguel Puente, Fabo, Karmon, Viadrina, Havens & Hart, and so many others, we get Stranjjur’s next various artist compilation, Candy From Stranjjurs Vol. 2.  A nine track stunner featuring a slew of artists, this album has something for everyone.  With so many great tracks off this release, let’s focus on a few stand out tracks.

Fly o Tech have been creating some serious tunes lately and they do it again with ‘Mollecullar.’  A hip 2-step track with loads of atmosphere and bass, this track is an instant hit that should get tons of play time.  New comer Gab Rhome has been making waves lately, and you can tell why with his latest track, ‘The Seahorse Whisperer,’ why he is someone to look out for.  Pawn Shop‘s ‘Ocean Drive’ is a wonderfully laid back cruiser with a wicked groove and smooth moves.  Keely Says‘ light and jazzy ‘Get Hearted’ is a great addition to this record and adds a nice touch of class.  LA-local Jimmy Maheras has been super busy in the studio lately and you can tell all that hard work is paying off with his excellent track ‘Lonely Souls.’  In addition to all these wonderful artists, Stranjjur brings back talents Viadrina and Lula Circus who deliver once again in a fine style.

A great label known for releasing top notch music, bringing up new talent, and setting their own trends, keep your eyes and ears open for Stanjjur in 2013.


Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Candy From Stranjjurs Vol. 2
Label:  Stranjjur
Catalog No.:  STRANJJVA0031

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