Droog’s leading Los Angeles-born Culprit imprint releases their final Above the City compilation this week, inspiring summer’s haze for three autumns now by weaving memories of their unmatched rooftop sessions. From the cloudless sky through the dreamy pastel sunset into the vibrant energy harnessed under the stars, seven tracks beaming with sunshine comprise this musical journey, as fresh talent shapes the radiant atmosphere of a Standard Sunday.

Sonora owner Lorenzo Dada warms up steadily, stretching a lounge driven sound through young UK producer Al Gobi’s soulful gem “10 Mile.”  Local budding talent Dance Spirit and Mexican confidantes Balcazar & Sordo are two of our favorite duos and collaborate on track number three, heightening the senses and picking up the pace for a bold and symphonic experience.

As the day turns to night, returning Culprit producer Special Case elevates a rhetorical moment ahead of Dubai based Raxon’s tempo peak as “Nightwalker” sharpens with intensity and progresses into darkness.  On the heels of their second Culprit EP due out this December, the Swedish duo Adriatique help conclude the compilation with a stunning number whose depth is addictive and mystique is elegant-an essential tune for the most climactic of settings. Closing it out in style, Lonely Boy’s “Somewhere Else” is sensationally motivating and melodically catchy, leaving a similarly warm and euphoric feeling as the ending to a perfect Sunday Session.

The final chapter of any great series is bittersweet, but we know Culprit is ever present and will continue to release quality music, introduce innovative artists, and breath life into the lively Los Angeles party scene – looking forward.



Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Above The City 3
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CPVA003