Los Angeles artist Urulu offers four original tracks full of smooth, West Coast flavor on Brooklyn based label Let’s Play House after releasing on such influential imprints as Needwant and Exploited.

Starting off on a classic note, “92 Symphony” is an unwavering house track that beautifully weaves the revolving vocal cuts that give this introductory song its melodic edge. “Sunset Blvd” gets my pick- it is crisp and energetic, sure to bring any dancefloor to its peak as it channels the vibe of the star struck Los Angeles boulevard itself.  Winding this West Coast love story down, “Pacific Coast” captures the suspenseful build that will have you on your toes while also attaining a reflective and hazy feel that will drift you through a California daydream.

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Artist: Urulu
Title: Left Coast
Label: Let’s Play House
Release Date: September 9th, 2013
Catalog #: LPHWHT02

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